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Created 2-Jan-14
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Wildlife photographers and bird enthusiasts across NE have been chasing snowy owls with increased interest the past three years along the seacoast since the winter irruption of 2013-14. Scientists suggest the irruption was likely due to an increase in lemmings that led to bigger broods. It's likely that New Englanders saw more snowys than at any time since 1943 that year. The good news is that a few seem to be finding their way back to NH since then.
Barred Owl Flying.  Hudson, NH. Fall 2021,Barred owl Preening. Hudson, NH. Fall 2021,Mating Pair Red Morph Screech Owls. August 2021.Red Morph Screech Owl, Arlington, MA.Sitting Pretty.  Fledgling Barred Owl Perched Atop Nesting Tree.  Merrimack, NH. May 2021.Barred Owl Looking. Merrimack, NH.Great Horned Owl Momma in Nest.  Boston, Massachusetts.  2021Peering from Her Feathers.  Great Horned Owl and Owlet. Boston, Massachusetts.  2021Great Horned Owl and Owlet. Boston, Massachusetts.  2021Newly Fledged.  Great Horned Owlet. Chelmsford, Massachusetts. 2020Long-Eared Owl Looking. Coastal New England.  2012.Long-eared Owl Portrait.  Coastal New England.  2012.Banking a Turn.  Short-Eared Owl Hunting the Marsh.  Parker River Wildlife Refuge, MassachusettsTake Off, Short-Eared Owl, Eastern Massachusetts, January 2020Short-Eared Owl, Eastern Massachusetts, January 2020Into the Golden Light, Great Gray Owl, Newport, NH 2017Up Close and Personal. Great Horned Owl II. Rye, NH.Wingspan and Golden Eyes. Great Horned Owl, Kingston, New Hampshire, 2020Fly By. Great Horned Owl I. Rye, NH.High Alert. Screech Owl, Waltham, Massachusetts

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Dear Mr. Muscott,
Thank you so much for sharing the experience of the Bard Owl sighting today in Monson. It was a thrill. I viewed your web site and your photographs are truly magnificent.
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