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Created 23-Dec-13
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Whether it's an eagle taking flight off a sandy beach in Alaska or a red tailed hawk in winter looking for food at Parker River Wildlife Reservation in Plum Island, MA, birds of prey are captivating for young and old.
Bald Eagles in Love, Eastern Massachusetts, 2020Fresh Catch.  Juvenile Bald Eagle Fishing Merrimack River. 2021Bald Eagle Taking Off, Homer Spit, AlaskaMale Bald Eagle On High Alert.  Waltham, MassachusettsBald Bald Eagle, Eastern Massachusetts, 2020Juvenile Bald Eagle Soaring. Deer Island, MassachusettsDive Bombing Harris Hawk, Quichee, VTHarrier Hawk Bathing in Dawn Sunlight. Salisbury, MANorthern Harrier Flying the Marsh.  Coastal New England.  2012.Northern Harrier Hunting.  Coastal New England.  2021.Northern Harrier Wingspan.  Coastal New England.  2021.Hovering Red Tail Hawk. Salisbury, MAHarrier Hawk Soaring. Salisbury, MARed Tail Hawk and Winter Berries. Salisbury, MAJuvenile Bald Eagle. Deer Island, MassachusettsJuvenile Bald Eagle Hunting.  Coastal New England. February 2021.Male Bald Eagle Perched.  Waltham, MassachusettsCooper's Hawk Pre-Dawn. Salisbury, MADive-bomber.  Osprey Fishing, Parker River Wildlife Reserve, Fall 2020Coming in Hot. Juvenile Bald Eagle. Merrimack River. 2021

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