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Created 21-Apr-14
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Love is in the Air.  Monson Settlement, Milford, NH 2021Green Winged Teal Duck.  York, Maine. 2021Male White-Winged Crossbill. Coastal New England.  2012.Redpoll Confidence. Coastal New England. 2021.Female Crossbill Flying Away.  Coastal New England, December 2020Cedar Waxwing with Crabapple Treat.  Hudson, NH. 20121.The Look.  Common Merganser, Female.  2021Pine Grosbeak in Crabapple Heaven.  Merrimack, NH. 2021.Pine Grosbeak in Crabapple Heaven II.  Merrimack, NH. 2021.Male Crossbill with Pine Cones.  Coastal New England, December 2020.Juvenile Male Crossbill with Pine Cones.  Coastal New England, December 2020Common Cuckoo Perched, Johnston, RI November 2020Bathed in Golden Light.  Green-Winged Teal. York, MaineBerry Christmas.  Cedar Waxwing, Hudson, NHFresh Catch, Black Crowned Night Heron.Common Cuckoo on Ground, Johnston, RI. November 2020Things are Looking Up. Green-Winged Teal, York, MaineBerry Good.  Cedar Waxwing,Parker River Wildlife Reserve, Fall 2020High Dive.  Kingfisher, Hudson, NHMale Belted Kingfisher with Fish, Hudson, NH. Summer 2020

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Ruth A Kevghas(non-registered)
I admire your photography and enjoy seeing the photos you post on Bird Watchers of New Hampshire FB page, so I had to check out your website and very glad I did! Namaste.
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