Chasing the Golden Light Photography by Howard S. Muscott | Birds
Created 21-Apr-14
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Protection.  A mother loon stretches her wings as another loon flies nearby.  New Hampshire 2018Loon Family in Summer, New HampshireLa Di Da.  5 Day Old Loon Chick Dances on Mother's Back.  New HampshireLife is Good, Loon Chick on the Back of Mom, New hampshirePop up Loon.  New HampshireRising to Meet the Day.  Loon in Golden Light at Dawn,A mother loon stretches and spins her head with her chick behind.  New Hampshire 2018Growing Up.  A loon chick shows off an impressive wing stretch at 38 days old.  New Hampshire 2018Teenage Nudging.  The 2 month old chick nudges his mother for more food. New Hampshire 2018Gangly Teenager.  This loon chick looks awkward as it practices a wing stretch.  New Hampshire 2018Female Pileated Woodpecker Returns to Nest with Food for 3 Chicks, South Hampton, NH 2018Pileated Woodpecker Mom Feeds the Male Alpha Chick, South Hampton, NH 2018Male Pileated Woodpecker Leaves Nest with 3 Chicks, South Hampton, NH 2018Come Back Mom.  Pileated Woodpecker Female and Chick 2018Loon in Golden Light at Daybreak, New HampshirePiping Plover Chick Face to Face 2018Morning Stretch for Mate, Mating Pair of Loons, New HampshireLoon Bathing in Golden Light, New HampshireProtection, Male Loon, New HampshirePiping Plover Mom and Chick 2018

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