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Created 14-Oct-13
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Portrait of an Alaskan Lynx.  Girdwood, Alaska January 2016.Black Bear, Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, Portage, AlaskaCoyote Hunting, Eastern Massachusetts, 2020Northern Water Snake (Female), May 2020Face to Face, Cinnamon Cub. Orr, MNCinnamon Brown Bear and Cubs.  Orr, MNCinnamon and Black Bear Cubs. Hand to Hand. Orr, MNAfter the Rain.  Black Bear Cub. Orr, MNBlack Bear Cubs Climbing.  Orr, MNBlack Bear and Two Cubs. Orr, MNCinnamon Bear Cub Looking.  Orr, MNBlack Bear Tenderness.  Orr, MNBlack Bear Cub Looking to be Weaned.Orr, MNLife is Good! Cinnamon Bear Yearling. Orr, MNBlack Bear Yearling Climbing.  Orr, MNRiver Otter, York, Maine 2020Self Applause, River Otter, York, Maine 2020Fresh Catch, River Otter, York, Maine 2020Down the Hatch, River Otter, York, Maine 2020River Otter, York, Maine 2020

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Don Swenson(non-registered)

I enjoyed meeting you and the screech owl at Mine Falls Park this morning. My wife is very impressed with your photos. Although we live in Merrimack, I frequently shop at the Market Basket off exit 8 on the Everett Turnpike. At some point I plan to visit the Toadstool Bookstore next door.
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