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Created 5-Apr-15
33 photos

Portrait of an Alaskan Lynx, Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, Portage, AlaskaDenali Peaks in B & WSenter Falls. Lyndeborough, NHGarwin Falls in B & W, August 2015, Wilton, NHBarred Owl in B & WSunset in Black and White.  Osgood Pond, Milford, NH. Fall 2020First Light on Maroon Bells B & W July 2013Go. Snowy Owl Flies Off Log, Rye Beach State Park, NH 2015Renewal Senter Falls, Lyndeborough, NHGarwin Falls, Wilton, NH New Years Day 2016 in B & WSenter Falls B & W, Lyndeborough, NH, Spring 2015Black Pond, NHSnowy Owl, Rye Beach, NH 2015Dusk, Colorado MountainsSenter Falls Sepia Lyndeborough, NH, Spring 2015Chugash Mountains in Black and White, AlaskaFly by Fog Near WhittierMaroon Bells, Aspen, CO

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