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Created 30-Dec-13
552 photos

Grand View Grand Tetons Sunrise. June 2021.Poser.  Bull Bison and Grand Tetons at Sunrise.  June 2021.Grizzly Bear, Looking Yellowstone National Park. June 2021.Mt. Moran and Snake River at Oxbow Bend, Grand Teton National Park.  June 2021.Fog in the Valley.  Grand Tetons. Jackson, WY. June 2021.Cinnamon Black Bear Encounter.  Jackson, WY. June 2021.Black Bear Walking Hill. Black Bear Cub Running. Yellowstone National Park. June 2021.Schwabacher Landing. Jackson, WY. June 2021.Bull Moose Looking.  Jackson, WY. June 2021.Moose Cow Eating in Golden Light. Yellowstone National Park. June 2021.Playa Del Coco, Costa Rica May 2021Margay, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Spring 2021Rest in Peace.  Fledgling Bald Eaglet C25. Arlington, MA.Landing Practice. Fledgling Bald Eaglet C25. Arlington, MA.Mirror, Mirror.  Fledgling Bald Eaglet C24. Arlington, MA.Red Morph Screech Owl, Arlington, MA.

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