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Created 30-Dec-13
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Love is in the Air.  Monson Settlement, Milford, NH 2021Snowy Owl in Flight. Hampton Beach State Park, NH 2021Green Winged Teal Duck.  York, Maine. 2021Classic New England.  Snowy Owl on Fence.  Biddeford, Maine 2021Great Horned Owl Momma in Nest.  Boston, Massachusetts.  2021Peering from Her Feathers.  Great Horned Owl and Owlet. Boston, Massachusetts.  2021Newly Fledged.  Great Horned Owlet. Chelmsford, Massachusetts. 2020Dark-Barred Snowy Owl in High Sky. Biddeford, Maine 2021Portrait of a Fluffy Snowy Owl. Hampton, New Hampshire. 2021Staring Out to Sea. Snowy Owl. Hampton, New Hampshire. 2021Bark Barred Snowy Owl Flying in Golden Light, New England Seacoast, November 2020Barn in Winter with Mt. Monadnock. 2021.Long-Eared Owl Looking. Coastal New England.  2021.Panorama of Mt. Monadnock in Winter, 2021Long-eared Owl Portrait.  Coastal New England.  2021.Mt. Monadnock Summit. Winter 2021.The Take Off.  Bald eagle.  Waltham, MassachusettsFresh Catch.  Juvenile Bald Eagle Fishing Merrimack River. 2021Juvenile Bald Eagle Soaring. Deer Island, MassachusettsBlue Moon Rising Halloween 2020.  Nubble Lighthouse, York, Maine

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