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Loon in Golden Light at Daybreak, New Hampshire June 2018Piping Plover Mom and Chick 2018Adult Loon from Mating Pair, Central NH, 2017Piping Plover Chick Face to Face 2018Come Back Mom.  Pileated Woodpecker Female and Chick 2018Piping Plover Mom and Chick 2018Love Nest Great Blue Herons, Milford, NHMajestic, Loon, Kezar Lake, Sutton, NHPuffin Seduction AlaskaOut for Swim, Adult Loon, Kezar Lake, Sutton, NHDays End.  Great Blue Heron, Parker River Wildlife Preserve, Plum IslandIn the Glow, Loon Chick, Kezar Lake, Sutton, NHModest Brown Booby Sunbathing in Windham, NHFamily Love, Great Blue Herons and Chicks, Heron Pond, Milford, NHAdult Loon, Kezar Lake, Sutton, NHReturn Flight, Heron Pond, Milford, NHFollow the Leader, Loon Family, Kezar Lake, Sutton, NHFamily DinnerTime, Danville RookeryWatch This.  Loon and Chick, Kezar Lake, Sutton, NH

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